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Norma | 40gr LRN Match | 22LR

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Product Overview

The NORMA .22 LR 40 Gr Match-22 is the ultimate choice for competitive and recreational shooters who demand accuracy and reliability. These high-performance rounds are designed to deliver pinpoint accuracy and consistent performance, making them ideal for target shooting, competitive matches, and plinking.

The 40 grain bullet is optimized for accuracy and consistency, providing a straight trajectory and tight groupings. The Match-22 bullet is designed with precision and performance in mind, making it an excellent choice for competitive and recreational shooters who want to take their shooting skills to the next level.

Each box contains 50 rounds, providing ample ammunition for extended range sessions or to keep on hand for target shooting, plinking, and competitive matches. The rounds are precision manufactured to strict tolerances, ensuring consistent performance and reliable function in a wide range of firearms chambered for .22 LR caliber.

The NORMA .22 LR 40 Gr Match-22 rounds are the perfect choice for anyone who demands accuracy and reliability in their shooting. Whether you are a competitive shooter, recreational shooter, or just looking for an accurate round for plinking, these rounds will not disappoint. These rounds are designed for firearms that are chambered for .22 LR caliber, it's not recommended for any other application.

Ballistic coefficient: 0.132


(No reviews yet) Write a Review