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Hornady | V-Match | 62gr ELD-V | 22ARC

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Product Overview

This ammunition is custom-grade from the factory, loaded to stringent specifications to guarantee proper ignition and provide consistent, match-winning, pinpoint accuracy, shot after shot. Performs as well or better than handloads. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

The Hornady ELD-VT bullet is here to redefine your varmint hunting and shooting pursuits, offering unmatched accuracy, rapid fragmentation, and the confidence to take on any challenge – from long-range varmint hunts to long-range competitions. Born from a culmination of years of ballistic research, the ELD-VT pairs the aerodynamics of low drag match bullets with the lighter weight of a varmint bullet, giving the ELD-VT a level of uncompromising dual-purpose performance. Say goodbye to compromise, as this bullet’s match-winning accuracy and rapid expansion will set new standards.

The Hornady ELD-VT bullet isn’t just about hitting the bullseye – it’s about making a statement when it gets there. Upon impact, the polymer tip drives rearward into the bullet core, causing rapid and dramatic fragmentation, even at low velocity. A testament to an unwavering commitment to excellence, AMP bullet jackets provide unrivaled consistency in concentricity and thickness, ensuring every ELD-VT bullet performs at its peak. ELD-VT bullets incorporate the Heat Shield tip, which resists the effects of aerodynamic heating. They retain their shape to maintain the lowest drag over their entire trajectory.


  • Heat Shield Tip forms the perfect meplat
  • No tip deformation from aerodynamic heating
  • Extremely low drag bullet profile delivers high ballistic coefficients
  • Swaged lead core provided uniformity and balance
  • AMP jacket design for optimum concentricity and accuracy


(No reviews yet) Write a Review